Adult Nursing Course in the UK

Adult Nursing Course in the UK

Adult Nursing is a course that will help you to learn the essential skills to effectively care for adult patients. This course generally combines with theory and practice in an innovative way. It is the most demanding course in the UK as many students around the world visit the UK every year to study this course. Adult Nursing is a part of Nursing and Midwifery and is ranked top in Wales in 2021 according to the Guardian League Table. This article has covered the universities, costs, career prospects and many other details of this course. So, if you want to study Nursing in the UK, this article will be helpful to you.

Why study Adult Nursing in the UK?

If you want to bring a positive difference in people’s lives then studying courses like Nursing can be best for you. But when you choose to study abroad the first thing that comes to your mind is to study in the British universities as the UK is one of the most popular study destinations for the international students. It offers quality education that is recognised worldwide. Here we are giving some reasons for why the UK is the best for Adult Nursing.

  • The UK has many top notch universities that offer international students a wide range of nursing courses. 
  • The UK is the best for providing quality education among the developed countries.
  • You will get the permission to work as a nurse anywhere in the world after completing a Nursing course from the UK. The educational qualification and teaching standard from a British university has world recognition.
  • The majority of the universities in the UK focus on practical learning other than focusing on only theoretical learning. For a course like Adult Nursing, having real-life work experience is a must to deal with the patient.
  • Graduating from nursing in the UK offers a rewarding career worldwide.

Universities that offer Adult Nursing Courses in the UK

Adult Nursing is a top demanding course in the UK. Here are some renowned British universities that offer this course-

Entry requirements for the international students to study Adult Nursing course in the UK

As an international student, you need two types of requirements to study this course in the UK. Such as academic requirements and English requirements. So to help you out here we are giving the entry requirements of this course so that you can check your eligibility.

Academic requirement:

For studying undergraduate degree in this course you need to have at least 12th pass certificate and for postgraduate you must have a successful completion of bachelor degree in nursing. Generally the educational system varies from country to country so you should check the academic entry requirements according to your country from the university website.

English requirement:

Nursing is a top demanding course in the UK. So it requires a higher IELTS score for the overseas students. The overall IELTS score that you need to have to study this course is 7.0 with not less than 6.5. Some universities may require higher scores.

Application process of Adult Nursing course in the UK

The UK welcomes international students from around the world. Generally the overseas students apply for any course directly through the university portal or through an agency. But if you want to apply for a Nursing course in the UK you have to apply through the UCAS portal.That means you have to submit all your documents in the UCAS portal to apply for this course.

Cost of Adult Nursing course in the UK 

Cost of studying this course can vary from university to university as the tuition fees are not the same in every university. So here we are giving the tuition fees of some universities in the UK for Adult Nursing so that you can get an assumption of costing

If you want to study undergraduate in this course in the UK you will find some universities like Birmingham City University, University College Birmingham, Robert Gordon University, York St John University, University of Dundee, Roehampton University London and the cost will range from £ 12000 – £ 20900. Some universities may offer high tuition fees. 

If you want to study postgraduate in this course in the UK you will find universities like University of Dundee, Birmingham City University, Swansea University, Coventry University and so on the cost will range from £14000 –  £ 25000

Tuition fees in the UK universities generally vary from intakes to intake so you should always check the university website for the updated tuition fees.

Final Words

Adult Nursing course in the UK is most hyped as it offers rewarding careers for overseas students worldwide. So if you want to study Nursing in the UK you can always contact AIMS Education. AIMS Education is a trusted consultancy firm that has partnership with 100 plus universities in the UK. So, if you register with AIMS Education, our expert counselor will help you to find the best university and make your application go smoothly.


How many years does it take to study Adult Nursing in the UK?

Ans:  Nursing in the UK is a 3 year program. If you want to study postgraduate in nursing it will take 1 year.

Which is the Cheapest university in the UK for Nursing?

Ans: Some cheapest University in the UK that offer Adult Nursing are-
• Birmingham City University
• University College Birmingham
• York St John University
• University of Dundee

How much does it cost to study Adult Nursing courses in the UK?

Ans: The cost of Nursing in the UK ranges from medium to high. Some universities in the UK offer affordable cost for this program and some offer high tuition fees for nursing.

Is the UK good for Nursing?

Ans: If you want a bright career in nursing then the UK will be the best choice for you as the UK has a unique history in medicine and clinical program.

How do I apply for an Adult Nursing course in the UK?

Ans: You should apply through the UCAS portal if you want to study nursing in the UK.

Can I study nursing in the UK without IELTS?

Ans: No, because the UK universities require higher IELTS scores for nursing. You should achieve an overall 7.0 with not less than 6.5 to study a nursing course in the UK.

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